Aircraft for sale

Business jet is the most flexible way of travelling, and Grafair naturally offers flexibility in economy and ownership matters, too. We offer three solutions: 1) You own your aircraft and let Grafair operate it. We supply you with pilots, service and maintenance. 2) Co-ownership in Grafair’s pool of well kept business jets. 3) Book travels the traditional way. If you haven’t tried travelling by business jet before, this might be the best way to start out. 

The Grafair experience of aircraft brokerage spans several decades. We buy, sell, import and export aircraft and spare parts all over the world, with a focus on the European and US markets.

Over the years we have garnered a unique know-how and have built an extensive business network in both Europe and the USA. Aircraft sales are seldom simple processes, and there are many pitfalls to avoid. We offer our knowledge and experience to facilitate and secure your selling or buying aircraft and related equipment, as well as appraisal of aircraft at the request of insurance companies and other interested parties.

These are the aircraft currently on offer:

What follows is a list of aircrafts we currently have for sale: