Fly with Business Jets

Increased travel, for work as well as leisure, has rubbed the luxury stamp off of business jets. Instead we have found them to be an efficient work tool geared toward greater revenue.

Personal meetings cannot be replaced by other communication channels. A more globalized world has made interaction face to face more important than ever. Lightning speed communication with people all over the world is now possible, and potential buyers are bombarded daily by all kinds of offers. However, a lion’s share of the information going on air is of no use to a great many recieivers. A personal meeting is an opportunity to get to know the people you’re communicating with, a chance to discuss subjects which otherwise might get lost in media’s white noise. Personal meetings create stronger bonds to your customers, making them more loyal.

Another advantage of a business jet is the increased efficiency when you set the timetable yourself. You’ll suffer no more time consuming security checks or check-ins, and a business jet can touch down on a whole host of airports where the regular alternatives simply cannot go. A business jet is simply the rational choice, and the luxury is the arriving in time with no hassle.

Grafair operates a fleet of jet- and amphibious planes. Amongst others we use the business jet Hawker 800XP. We fly on behalf of our aircraft’s co-owners and we run air taxi for external customers and air ambulance commissioned by hospitals, emergency services and insurance companies.

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Despite all the modern communication A personel meeting is required to create business.