Air taxi

Fast and efficiently
We can take you out in Europe with as little as an hour's notice.More about air taxi

Own an aircraft

We operate it
We have airplanes for sale, and a variety of packages to offer.Aircrafts for sale

Land on Bromma

Stockholms nearest airport
Our FBO can provide all kinds of services, and is open all year round.More about FBO

Air Ambulance

Grafair conducts an ambulance flight operation with specially equipped aircrafts that is ready to start any time of the day.Read more

About Grafair Jet Center

We have taken care of business aviation at Bromma airport since 2004.Read more

Amphibious Air Taxi

With our amphibious aircrafts possibilities are endless, they start from both land and water. We offer taxi flights, transportation assistance, sightseeing and various events for both businesses and individuals.Read more