Safety policy & objectives

Safety is one of our core business functions. We are committed to developing, implementing, maintaining and constantly improving strategies and processes to ensure that all our activities take place under an appropriate allocation of organisational resources, aimed at achieving the highest level of safety performance and meeting regulatory requirements, while delivering our services.

As the Accountable Manager it is my responsibility to ensure the safety of all our operations and services. I will ensure that adequate resources and training are provided to manage safety effectively, and also ensure that we hiring skillful persons with good judgment.

We encourage all our staff and stakeholders to report safety events or potential hazards however insignificant they may consider them at the time. We have an open reporting culture that encourages free and frank reporting through a safety culture. No person has been or will be penalized or retaliated against for bringing safety issues to the attention of management. No disciplinary action will ever be taken against any employee for reporting a safety hazard to the management and no staff member will ever be asked to compromise our safety standards to “get the job done”.

“Responsibility for making our operations safer for every one lies with each one of us, therefore safety is everyone’s responsibility.”

Together we strive to achieve:

  • An accident free environment.
  • An effective management system with continuous observations and improvement.
  • To comply with and, wherever possible exceed, legislative and regulatory requirements, standards and industry best practices.

Ultimate responsibility for safety of the Grafair organisation rests with me, the Accountable Manager. Each manager is responsible for implementing the safety management system in his/her area of responsibility and will be held accountable to ensure that all reasonable steps are taken to prevent incidents and accidents. Responsibility for making our operations safer for every one lies with each one of us, therefore safety is everyone’s responsibility.

Bromma 1 of June 2015

Filip Wikström, Accountable Manager 




Safety Objectives

The overall safety management system objective is to control the risk, and by reducing risk factors, continually improve the safety record to reach a level that is as low as possible. The following safety objectives have been established for our company:​

  • Zero accidents

Yearly decrease rate of all kinds of incidents.

  • Providing a safe working environment for all personnel, guests and customers 

Ensure a “proactive” safety culture based on yearly questionnaires.

  • ​​Identify and eliminate hazardous conditions 

Establish a hazard reporting system and receive at least 5 hazards the first year.

A 20% increase in reporting for each of the next three years.

Ensure that all staff are provided with adequate and appropriate aviation safety information and training to identify hazards.

  • Encourage reporting of all incidents 

Investigate root cause of every incident and give feedback to reporters within 30 days of the report​.

Ensure that no punitive action will be taken against any employee who report a safety incident through the occurrence reporting system (unless such disclosure indicates, beyond any reasonable doubt, gross negligence or a deliberate or wilful disregard of regulations or procedures).

  • Perform hazard and risk analysis for all proposed new equipment acquisitions, facilities, operations and procedures 

Perform and record a “Management of change” analysis prior to implementation of things mentioned above (for example a “bowtie” analysis).

  • Improve the effectiveness of our Safety Management System 

Yearly safety audit that reviews all aspects of the SMS​.

Yearly review of SMS effectiveness in the Safety Review Board based on report by Safety Manager.

  • Continually improve our safety performance 

Establish and measure our safety performance against realistic safety performance indicators and safety performance targets.


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