Occurrence reporting

The OR system is an important part of the company safety management system. The main purpose of the OR system is to provide a format for reporting events and occurrences to the Safety Manager. Such events and occurrences may be anything from less than satisfactory performance or outcome in the performance of daily routines to severe incidents or accidents. It is never wrong to write a OR when a deviation from the company standard or any malfunction during flight has occurred.

The OR system shall cater for quick and relevant corrective and/or preventive action when needed. A OR regarding technical malfunctions or damage to the aircraft is not a substitute for notification in the Flight Log but rather a more complete report which will normally be useful in troubleshooting and corrective actions. Therefore OR shall be completed as soon as possible.

The Safety Manager is to record, analyse and monitor these occurrences. Occurrences are recorded in a database and the database is analysed to identify trends and define recommendations to correct possible deviations and avoid accidents (proactive approach). When action has been determined, and taken, a copy of the completed OR shall be returned to the person who originally submitted the OR. Reports may be treated as confidential and/or anonymous at the reporter’s request.

All staff are encouraged to report safety events. Responsibility for making our operations safer for every one lies with each one of us, therefore safety is everyone’s responsibility.

“No person has been or will be penalized or retaliated against for bringing safety issues to the attention of management. No disciplinary action will ever be taken against any employee for reporting a safety hazard to the management”


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