Grafair Jet Center

For the best performance in business- and taxi aviation a business aviation terminal (or FBO in aviation speak) needs to be geared for the higher standards of service, swiftness and discretion. Grafair Jet Center is one of the world’s most appreciated FBO’s and has been granted several high international rankings.

Grafair’s elegant terminal and hangar resides in a secluded are of the Bromma Stockholm Airport, where we’ve created a comprehensive service transcending most others, globally.

Our terminal is a ”no photography” zone offering discretion, seclusion and privacy with a 30 second walk to your aircraft – including customs and passport control, if required.

It’s a first class environment with red carpets and national emblems at hand every day. We’ve had decision makers, industrial leaders, politicians and heads of state among our guests, and they’ve all enjoyed our cozy lounge. Our heated hangar shelters aircraft from the elements and provides privacy for resting pilots, and our skilled technicians stand ready to provide any service and maintenance needed.

Any questions you might have regarding handling agreements, invoicing and so forth; direct them through:

Grafair Jet Center
Stockholm City Airport 1
168 67 Bromma

Phone no: +46-8-98 26 00
FBO Fax no: +46-8-98 26 20

Jeppesen information

For further information, please see our .PDF file (just click on the link below) containing detailed information in Jeppesen format – made especially for our visiting pilots. Please observe that you need to have Adobe Reader installed to view and print the document in question.

Download the PDF here.

Grafair Jet Center provides services at the highest international standard.