A sound investment

Business leaders, rock stars and IT-innovators travel by private jets, the most efficient way to travel. Private jet travel is not a cost, it’s an investment in time.

Flexibility is a key word here. Forget the airline networks and their time tables, leave hotel nights and transfer trips by car behind. With a private jet you can land close by your destination in time for your meeting and make it back home again by dinner time. Or simply continue traveling as new ideas and possibilities emerge.

Aircraft and crew are ready to cater to your needs – just call us, and you’ll be on your way within the hour. Total freedom, and a certain amount of comfort, too. It’s all in the details such as extra comfortable seats and catering and drinks to your liking – and since there are no fellow travellers, you’ll be able to work fully focused. All this is a spin off of our concept, our focus on efficiency, on saving your time

The flexibility of business jet travel is mirrored in the economical and ownership parts. We offer three solutions:

1) You own your aircraft and let Grafair operate it. We provide the pilots, the service and the maintenance.

2) Buy a share in Grafair’s pool of well kept business jets.

3) Book your travels in the traditional way – perhaps as a first step in trying out business jet travel with us

Business jets are the most flexible, effective means of travel. That flexibility and effectiveness translates into economic assets for business jets owners.

Leave everything to Grafair. Call us and we’ll have you airborne in 1 hour!

Contact person for questions regarding fractional ownership:

Johan Emmoth
CEO / FBO Manager
+46-707-31 02 86

Grafair provides the technician, pilot, flight attendant and catering. Call and you are in the air within an hour.