Air ambulance

The Grafair Air Ambulance offers a flexible and cost efficient emergency transport of patients and organs alike. Our Cessna Citation 560 Ultra can be airborne within the hour, and Grafair’s high standards are apparent in our emergency and medical care system.

The aircraft are equipped to accomodate patients with advanced medical care on two stretchers, using the LifePort PLUS/AeroSled-system. Medical staff has access to the seats best suited for continuous care and supervision during the flight – from start, during flight, through landing. When using one stretcher there are seats for five staff/passengers, when using two stretchers there are seats for four.

We are based in our own terminal and hangar at the Bromma Stockholm Airport, so we’re shielded from Mother Nature during loading and off-loading.

Contact information

Grafair Air Ambulance is booked at +46 (0)768-98 26 04. Normally we’ll be airborne within the hour, and we’re available 24/7.

We’re using a Cessna Citation 560 Ultra adapted for Air Ambulance service, transporting patients and organs through short as well as longer stretches.

Our aircrafts have been used with excellent results, to transport patients and organs for thousands of flight hours.