Bengt’s story

Grafair was founded 40 years ago and is synonymous with its founder and president, Bengt Grafström. Bengt has had many years in the business, and has flown everything from helicopters to jets.

Bengt Grafström is a pilot born and bred, and has flown most aircraft and models. In 1976 he moved to the USA, home of aviation, to get to work in a positive flight environment. In sunny Florida he spent many years running Sweden’s biggest (outsourced) flight school, and students flocked there. He also got into aircraft sales and brokerage, a business which has grown to comprise administration and technical maintenance.

Today Bengt has moved back, and the Swedish side of business is the main one. Grafair has grown into the one true Swedish FBO which is proving its servicemindedness mettle on an international level.

Many have come and gone in aviation. Grafair honors its tradition while focusing on the future.

Many are those who have come and gone in the airline industry. Grafair Although has the sense of tradition, but the sights are set on the future.